Texas Highways

On my monthly drive from Dallas to San Antonio I always see something interesting or noteworthy. This time I caught it on film. Although it’s debatable whether this picture is either of those things.

In all their glory

It was wash day at my house. Nothing makes me happier than this pile of pure handknit love. Have you ever seen such a lovely and colourful sight? Sigh.


I have too many projects on the needles right now!! And all I want to do is cast on more. I think it’s the heat. These triple digit days have fried what was left of my pea brain. I have told myself I must finish two projects before casting on any new ones. Which two?

Well, the Springtime Bandit I’m knitting with Dream in Color Smooshy for one.

And then I think the Just Enough Ruffles (which is a gifty for my Mom).

Then I’m going to knit myself a sweater. And dream of winter and cold and ice and anything else that is frigid to take my mind off the searing hotness that is Texas.

Done! Done! Done!

Finally!! Shipwreck is done!!! And let me tell you, so hard to photograph!! It’s still on the blocking board (not dry yet, Dotty!) so hopefully tomorrow we will have a sunny day and there will be better photos.

Here is a small montage for you…

In the raw, soaking stage:

cooking away:

all done and getting a much deserved wool wash soak:

BLOCKING!!! (No, Dotty, still not dry!)


What now?

I’m in that weird, what next phase. Shipwreck is done knitting,  just need to dye it. I just finished a hat. Now what? Do I start something big and time consuming? Do I do another small and quick? I’ve been purusing Ravelry and digging through my stash but nothing has inspired me to cast on. I want to knit something, but what?!?! Maybe what I really should be doing is cleaning house for my Mom’s upcoming visit. The Squid is turning 4 in one week!!

We have winners!!

Okay, we have some winners! Now I need some addresses!!

One Sheep

Brown Bear

Kitten With a Whiplash

and Susie at Knitting Knoobie

Send me your addresses and I will send you some yarn!!! Thanks everyone for leaving a guess. I hope to have a finished Shipwreck to show off here sooner or later!


And it’s Done!

Not Shipwreck. No, not Shipwreck by any means. Once again life has gotten in the way, which it has a tendency to do to me. Often. So, with no finish of Shipwreck in site, I’m closing the contest. Instead I will draw names for a winner! Yes I said names.  Since I sucked so bad at knitting and ruined my own contest, I will reward y’all by drawing a couple of names. I’ll draw those names tonight! Stay tuned!

ps- Want to thank all those that commented, so nice to see so many people in blogland stop by for a visit! (I really want to say something corny like, If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake, but I won’t)