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Texas has a Fiber Festival?

Really?  Is it celebrating the cotton plant?  Or, the silk worm?  Maybe, the flax (linen) plant?  Because, really wool is crazy, right?  HAHA!  If you like to knit, you are going to knit with wool at some point.  So, the Pirate, Squid, Pirate Mom and I were off to Kid & Ewe and Llamas, Too! 

It isn’t a really big festival… but there were a lot of classes (that we didn’t take) and a decent amount of wool.  There were also musicians! And cashmere goats! 


Now, about the goats… cashmere goats should mean cashmere yarn, right?   We found one bag where they were showing the goats, but other than that… nada!  We kept thinking we were missing something.  But, it wasn’t very big, so we aren’t really sure where they would have hidden it.

So, now you must be thinking… What about the haul???   Check it out!  Notice a theme? 

On the left, we have a silk blend, in “Hook ’em Horns” orange, at the top left, is Brooks Farm Arcero, and the 4 skeins on the right side and right bottom, i Plain & Fancy, Sheep & Wool Co. from a farm in Henderson, TX.  I also got a couple new shawl patterns and can’t wait to get started!  But, I do have a ton of other projects to finish first.  HA!  (Who doesn’t, right?)  It was a fun trip and a great opportunity to spend time with my friend the Pirate and the Squid as well as Pirate’s Mom!  Also, of course, there is the fact that I got to buy yarn.  This self imposed yarn diet, with the one cheat rule (souvenir yarn is allowed) was getting a little tough.  I feel much better now!


5 Responses

  1. Maybe we should look for a cashmere festival?

  2. it’s all so beautiful……*sniff*

  3. Ooh, so pretty! Yay for the local yarn festival. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t go with y’all or get our big ol’ Dallas contingency to show. There’s next year, right?

    Pretty yarn, tho. (You’ve got a blue thing going, me thinks.)

  4. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Did you pet the cashmere goat? Was his coat as soft as it looks? I hear you about the yarn diet. I’m doing the same since my stash has outgrown it’s storage. Must knit more, faster!

  5. I love how it so sing-songy! Kidn’ ewe and lama’s too! Yes, I should be getting more sleep….
    lovely haul!

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