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Making up for lost time…

Well, it’s been a while!  After sitting for the last two days and catching up on all my blogs, I noticed quite a few that have only posted once in the last month or so.  I guess it is all the crafting, and cooking, and decorating we all try to do.  There is also the regular working thing that has to be done in between all that.  HAHA! 

My Thanksgiving and Christmas were both great this year.  Every Thanksgiving we visit Hubby’s family in Virginia and make a side trip to North Carolina if possible.  We had great weather, ate well, and our flights were all on time.  Here’s our clan on Hubby’s side, it was pretty bright out on the front porch.

Our Christmas was pretty good too!  Mom, Diva Sister and the boys all spent the night Christmas Eve, so Santa came to my house this year!  We had a big dinner with turkey, dressing, various salads, and cassaroles.  I made my Grammie’s yummy apple pie, and my Mother-in-laws delicious chocolate pecan pie.  One small thing… when I say turkey, I use that term loosely.  There wasn’t a whole lot of turkey left after this little gal got a hold of it:

Yup… sometime in the early morning, she got into the kitchen sink and ate two wings and more than half a breast.  She has been paying for it with an upset tummy.  I would say that I didn’t think she would do it again after this belly-ache she’s had, but I know I’d be wrong.  Doesn’t she look like she wishes she hadn’t done it? 

Just a little sampling of the events:


I am off for the next week and looking forward to catching up with some serious knitting. Will show you some really soon!


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  1. I saw your blog featured on the front page of WordPress. I had to take a look and I’m so glad I did. This is just great! I love it. I especially liked your latest post and I loved the pictures. My favorites are of everyone shielding their eyes from the sun (it looks like everyone is saluting) and that of the poor sick bad dog. How did she get up to the sink? Determination, I guess.

  2. The front porch picture is awesome!

  3. I miss having a dog in my life. You are a fortunate person with all your family and four legged friends.

  4. great family …happy new year

  5. That pie look so beautiful, I would have also taken a picture – and the kids look to be the right age to like everything you give them for Christmas. I’m just a visitor to your blog, never mind me.

  6. awww…look at all these holiday pics! They all look so cute!! 🙂 poor puppy dog. she couldn’t help the temptation. i would have laughed and laughed though. 🙂

  7. I’m glad you had a wonderful set of holidays. Poor dog. We had a dog who did something similar. When we were kids, my brother had saved his pennies and bought my mother a 2-pound bag of chocolate-covered peanuts. After opening her gift, she put the bag underneath her chair. Unbeknownst to us, Pupper crawled under the chair, chewed a tiny hole in the bag, and ate all but a few peanuts. She was one unhappy pooch and howled all night long. (Back in those days, I don’t think we knew that chocolate was toxic to dogs. Plus I suspect that it wasn’t a very high quality chocolate.)

    Best wishes and great knitting for 2009!

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