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New Year, New Baby, New Knitter

What a great time for something NEW!  There was a baby born today and I am SO glad I was wrong!  It looks like there is a crochet dress coming and it’s gonna be PINK! 

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!  I have been looking on ravelry and found a lot of cute dresses, but haven’t decided which one yet.  This yarn has just been waiting for the right (baby) person! 

On to the New Knitter!  I taught her Christmas of 2007, but it didn’t take right away.  Right before Halloween of 2008 she decided she wanted to give it another try and this time, it took.  She has done 3 scarves, a baby hat, some can cozys, and is almost done with a pair of mittens that she started and has her first one almost done without my help.  She read the pattern by herself and everything.  To be fair, she did ask two questions.  One, how should she cast on the two extra stitches for the thumb, because all she knew was the long tail cast on.  I told her to look up the backward loop cast on, she did and figured it out.  The other question was “what is a darning needle?”  Cute huh?  She asked me if I had one she could borrow… actually, SHE has one but doesn’t know it yet!  Special thanks to Aubyn, Botgurl, Jenn and the Pirate for donating their extra stuff to the New Knitter.  It can get very expensive to make sure you have all the tools you need and most of us have some extra stuff  lying around.  So thank you so much guys for your generosity!  She has a GREAT set up! 

Wow!  It’s only the second week and there are new babies and new knitters, what a great year so far!


5 Responses

  1. what a lucky new knitter to have such great friends!
    and can’t wait to see what pattern you decide to use for the baby dress!
    happy new year! ek.

  2. Persistence is key for the new knitter. Glad she tried again. Sounds like it took this time!

  3. Wow GGP that new knitters kit it totally awesome! You are a great knit mentor. I can’t wait to see the baby dress.

  4. man that new knitters’ basket is gonna be sweet. 😉 i see lots of my items in there. hahahah!!

    i’m so excited about new baby too. i want to knit her something cute and girly!

  5. and hopefully this new baby will also become a new knitter! darn, I have yet to get that knitting needle into her hands.

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