In all their glory

It was wash day at my house. Nothing makes me happier than this pile of pure handknit love. Have you ever seen such a lovely and colourful sight? Sigh.


6 Responses

  1. Awesome! I just did mine too!

  2. you have too many socks. AAHAHAHA

  3. They are very pretty and whomever made them seems like they are quite skilled.

  4. That is an awesome pile of socks.

  5. That is an awesome pile of goodness! I lovelovelove when the lot of my socks get washed; it looks so pretty and fantastic.

    I’m a bit amazed – but not really – at the overall pink-purple-red color scheme. I wonder what color stands out if all my socks were placed together…. (Too bad it’s too dark/late to look at it right now.)

  6. Thank goodness NanC told me you’d posted . . . for some reason my bloglines isn’t picking it up!

    Them’re some purty socks you’ve got there, little lady! 🙂

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