We have winners!!

Okay, we have some winners! Now I need some addresses!!

One Sheep

Brown Bear

Kitten With a Whiplash

and Susie at Knitting Knoobie

Send me your addresses and I will send you some yarn!!! Thanks everyone for leaving a guess. I hope to have a finished Shipwreck to show off here sooner or later!



And it’s Done!

Not Shipwreck. No, not Shipwreck by any means. Once again life has gotten in the way, which it has a tendency to do to me. Often. So, with no finish of Shipwreck in site, I’m closing the contest. Instead I will draw names for a winner! Yes I said names.  Since I sucked so bad at knitting and ruined my own contest, I will reward y’all by drawing a couple of names. I’ll draw those names tonight! Stay tuned!

ps- Want to thank all those that commented, so nice to see so many people in blogland stop by for a visit! (I really want to say something corny like, If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake, but I won’t)

Dracula has left the building!

We had such a fun time on All Hallows Eve…

Diva Nephew wanted to go as a Vampire!  When his cape was open, that meant he was a bat.  Which was very convenient for him to go from house to house getting candy.  He got a pretty good haul before calling it quits!

Like the good little boy that he is, he saved the Three Muskateers for his Auntie Pet, Twix for his Diva Momma, and lolipops for his baby brother.  So sweet! 

Hope you all had a great Halloween and got some sweet treats for yourself.  All I needed was these two little buggers and my night was complete!

testing testing

hi all.  this is purseho speaking. 🙂

I’m just putting up a test post to see if it works ok 🙂  testing testing, 1, 2, 3.

Testing 1, 2, 3

I know it looks different… but we are trying to transfer the blog all to WordPress, so please hang tight!